Neural Algorithms Reading Group

Time: Fridays 11am-12:30pm, Spring Semester 2020 (first Meeting 2/14)
Location: Stata G451 (excpet on 3/6 on G825 and 4/10 on D507)
(Take G tower elevator to 4th floor and follow signs to room G451.)
Organizers: Nancy Lynch (lynch at csail dot mit dot edu), Mien Brabeeba Wang (brabeeba at mit dot edu), Lili Su (lilisu3 at csail dot mit dot edu)
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Background reading/watching

(Tentative) Schedule

(2/14) Overview and planning: Nancy Lynch

(2/21) Short-term learning: Cameron Musco

(2/28) Oja's rule, analysis: Brabeeba Wang and Chi-Ning Chou

(3/6) Coronavirus. Postpone meeting for a week and all the subsequent meetings are conducted over Zoom.

(3/13) Valiant's work: Nishanth Dikkala

    To read:
    • Basic neuroid model and how it represents and learns concepts, for long-term learning.
    • Limitations on memory capacity.
    • Circuits of the Mind
    What was presented:
    • Slides
    • Basic neuroid model and algorithms to solve memorization task
    • Inductive learning will be spilled over to next week

(3/20) Valiant, cont'd: Nishanth Dikkala, Quanquan

(3/27) Valiant, cont'd. Papadimitriou. Quanquan, Jiajia

(4/3)Papadimitriou papers: Shankha

(4/10) Papadimitriou papers: Papadimitriou

(4/17) Other Papadimitriou work: Brabeeba

(4/24) Connections with Artificial Neural Networks: Lili Su, Jiajia

(5/1) Learning of logically structured concepts: Nancy Lynch, Frederik, Shankha

(5/8) Language continued: Frederik; Mathematics and biology of the retina: Brabeeba Wang, Chi-Ning-Chou